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2nd time iv watched this and its still awesome.

its like asdmovie...but not funny

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Nice animation.

The animation and sound effects were pretty great but it just kinda seemed like you put a random screamo song in the background and didn't co-ordinate anything with it. It proved to be rather annoying.

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BTW, this is Jayce288, I didn't realize i was logged into my old account, so if you wish to message me or anything, do it here.

deathink responds:

ok :D

Great game but holy shit!

the animation, graphics, music, and overall concept is very nice, but OMFG!! can you make it any harder for gods sake?

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Ups the standards.

Brings up the reputation for these types of games. Usually in this type game all there is to be done is control a random character as it automatically shoots pointless crap and a few temporary powers drop ever now and then. This is very boring and only found to be entertaining by the most brain dead of all morons. The difference with this game though is an actual objective and a multitude of selectable permanent upgrades all the while maintaining a remotely logical small story line. Another boast of this game is the amazing graphical features that combine a 8-bit game with in a modern 3d environment. All in all, Great job and i hope your effort in this game pays off in some way or another.

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Very good, but unfortunately DJ Ephixa has the best remix in my heart.

I can not explain why i like this.

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Fits the game great

This song matches the game pretty well because the song seems like its a rip off of a multitude of songs just like game undeniably did. One part that sounded familiar starts at 14 seconds in and it sounds like the music in the monster carnival party quest map in the game Maplestory. As little as that is know, when you begin to reach the 1:29 portion of the song, it reminds me a lot of the music in super smash bros brawl. Anyways good song but not quite what id download to listen to on a daily basis.

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