Hay people, for all of you who read this and don't care, i am attempting to animate a music video for my song "Deepest Serenity". Im doing surprisingly well for how inexperienced i am but i have been having issues maintaining my timings. I know how to do timings but when i render the video, it never plays right even if i do have the video set the the exact point where the audio does something. This is especially more visible when i move the file to different computers. So if there is anyone willing to help me, i would surely appreciate finally finishing this thing.

D288P Website

2011-06-06 17:02:07 by D288P

Well I created a Website for D288P today, nothing truly special yet but i hope it will eventually grow.

Click Here to visit. =)

Finally deciding to post my B.P.A. animation here too

2010-09-11 13:47:28 by D288P

Gona upload the animation my girlfriend and i made for B.P.A. (Business Professionals of America). We ended up taking 1st at regionals and state, then we took 6th place at nationals. =D ill submit this years Digital Media Production, and Team Animation videos at the end of competition this year.

nvm i guess u cant submit a mp4 file to newgrounds.....kinda dumb -_-
if you wish to watch it, go to Youtube and search for the account D288P


2010-04-11 21:15:17 by D288P

HURAYYYY!!! I GOTZ MAH MUSICS UP FINALY!!!! Now you can enjoy the music for yourself too =D


2010-03-17 18:10:36 by D288P

.........concidering my music, once again, isnt submiting to ng im presuming my account is BANNED, once again, for doing absolutely nothing. NEWGROUNDS STOP BEING A PILE AND LET PEOPLE LISTEN TO "MY", YES "MIEY" MUSIC!!!!!! I PAYED MONIES FOR PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO IT.